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The Education and Scientific Subcommittee supports BHIVA to promote and improve education and training of healthcare professionals and researchers working in the field of HIV medicine and supports the promotion, conduct and dissemination of research aimed at improving our understanding of HIV and the optimal management and care of those living with HIV. Through its International Partnership Working Group, it aims to promote BHIVA as a national organisation with an international reach, and promotes good clinical practice in the management and treatment of HIV and coinfections on a global level. The Subcommittee also provides a means of BHIVA to liaise with the editorial team for BHIVA’s official journal, HIV Medicine, and provides editorial board support to the journal.

BHIVA Education and Research

Education and training

The Subcommittee develops workshops, master classes and educational meetings, one of which is a one-day revision course, run jointly with BASHH, for candidates taking the Diploma in HIV Medicine examination. BHIVA has also developed a one-day course for the HIV Physician focusing on the inpatient care of the HIV-infected patient in general medicine services. The course focusses on managing medical issues arising with HIV and general medicine topics in diagnosed patients for the HIV doctor. To support education and learning for those involved in the care of people with HIV, the Subcommittee also develops and maintains a programme of E-learning assessment tools.

The Subcommittee also supports the review of established and newly issued documents and health policies from the Department of Health and other government agencies, and influential organisations, that impact on the practice of HIV medicine and on research, and provides advice on postgraduate and continuing education.


The Subcommittee provides academic and clinical oversight to the competitive BHIVA Research Awards programme. It sets the criteria for applications for the programme, ensuring that funding is used to support a diverse range of projects that are expected to have a benefit to those living with or treating people with HIV in the UK. It also supports the preparation and review of supporting material for applicants, promotes the programme to BHIVA members and has responsibility for judging, through the identification of independent external reviewers and final ranking and selection of successful applications. The Subcommittee is also able to provide support to successful applicants through their project. Award winners provide regular progress reports to the Subcommittee and submit their findings to one of BHIVA’s conferences, ensuring wide dissemination of findings to others working in the field.

The Subcommittee takes an advisory role in the development of the scientific programme of BHIVA’s annual Spring and Autumn Conferences. Together with the Conferences Subcommittee, the Education and Scientific Subcommittee contributes to the development of the conference programmes (including conference sessions and symposia), reviews submitted abstracts and participates in the final selection of abstracts for presentation.

The Subcommittee also oversees the allocation of BHIVA scholarships and bursaries, either awarded through the International Partnerships Working Group or on an ad hoc basis, as directed by the BHIVA Executive Committee. For example, with support from ViiV, the Subcommittee also run a round of applications to support Implementation Science projects, which all BHIVA members can apply for. Implementation science studies the uptake of evidence-based practices into routine clinical care.

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