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National Audit Schedule

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National audit project schedule Data Collection Reporting of Results
2023: Case-note review of inpatients living with HIV
2023: Case-note review of outpatients living with HIV
2023: Survey of HIV clinical services' policies and practice to support care engagement
August/September 2023 Autumn 2023

2022: Case-note review and brief survey of routine monitoring through the covid-19 pandemic

May/June 2022 Autumn 2022

2021: Survey of how HIV services adapted and responded to pandemic

2021: Case-note review of adults currently co-infected with HIV and hepatitis C, with brief site survey (adapted from postponed 2020 project)

May/June 2021 Autumn 2021
2020: Study of covid-19 among adults with HIV October 2020 onwards April 2021
2020: Management of individuals with HIV and seropositive for hepatitis C (casenote audit); Engagement in care (survey of clinic policy and practice) Postponed due to pandemic Postponed
2019: Management pathways for new HIV diagnoses May-June 2019 Autumn 2019
2018: Routine monitoring and assessment in older adults May-June 2018 Autumn 2018
2017 and onwards: CVD self-audit tool available: upload by 31 October for inclusion in national benchmarking Optional tbc
2017: Survey and audit of psychological well-being and support, and use of alcohol and other drugs Summer 2017 Autumn 2017
2016: Survey and audit of "look back" reviews of previous health service use among late-diagnosed individuals Summer 2016 Autumn 2016
2016: Survey of clinic activity in relation to seasonal flu vaccination Summer 2016 Autumn 2016
2015: Audit of routine monitoring of adults with HIV infection Summer 2015 Autumn 2015
2014: Survey of pregnancy care accompanied by case audit to be conducted via review of data submitted to National Study of HIV in Pregnancy and Childhood Spring 2014 Autumn 2014/spring 2015
2013-14: Case note audit and survey of partner notification (jointly with British Association for Sexual Health and HIV) Spring 2013 Autumn 2013/spring 2014
2012-13: Case note audit and survey of retention in care Autumn 2012 Spring/summer 2013
2011-12: Case note audit of patient outcomes and survey of provision of psychological care and adherence support Autumn 2011 Spring/autumn 2012
2010-11: Case note audit of patients seen for diagnostic work-up after testing HIV positive and survey of HIV testing policy and practice Autumn 2010 Spring/autumn 2011
2009-10: Case note review of hepatitis B and C co-infection Autumn 2009 Spring/autumn 2010
2009-10: Survey of paediatric aspects of adult HIV care - testing of children of adult patients, and transition Autumn 2009 Spring/autumn 2010
2008-9: Case note review of tuberculosis co-infection Autumn 2008 Spring/autumn 2009
2008-9: Survey of "virtual clinic" arrangements for multi-discliplinary discussion of complex cases Autumn 2008 Spring/autumn 2009