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BHIVA membership Information 2024

BHIVA is the leading UK association representing professionals in HIV care. Since 1995, we have been committed to providing excellent care for people living with and affected by HIV. BHIVA is a national advisory body on all aspects of HIV care and we provide a national platform for HIV care issues. Our representatives contribute to international, national and local committees dealing with HIV care. In addition, we promote undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing medical education within HIV care.



Consultant or Associate Specialist (consultant or associate specialist grade)


GP (not a member with affiliated organisations as below (non-consultant)


Academic, Clinical, Health or Population Scientist


Retired (retired from consultant or associate specialist grade)


Specialty Trainee Doctor (registrar)


Pre-specialty trainee doctor (foundation, internal medicine trainee, other junior doctor)


Medical Student i see below (requires evidence of student status)

Free i

BHIVA-Chiva Consultant or Associate Specialist

£110 ii

BHIVA-Chiva Specialty Trainee Doctor (registrar)

£40 ii

BHIVA-Chiva non-consultant (all other grades)

£40 ii

BHIVA-Dietitians (BDA HIV Care Specialist Group)

£40 ii

BHIVA-HIVPA (HIV Pharmacy Association)

£40 ii

BHIVA-NHIVNA (National HIV Nurses Association)

£40 ii

BHIVA-RHIVA (Rehabilitation in HIV Association)

£40 ii

BHIVA-SSHA (Society of Sexual Health Advisers)

£40 ii

BHIVA-UK-CAB (UK Community Advisory Board)

£20 iii

International LMIC (Low- and Middle-Income Countries)

£20 iv

International HIC (High-Income Countries)

£40 v

LTFT Working (Less than Full-time) for those in the Consultant or Associate Specialist, GP, Academic, Clinical, Health or Population Scientist, Retired and Speciality Trainee Doctor category (earnings < than £50,000.00 per annum)

Discount 50%

Parental Leave Current member will receive discount on the following membership year, this applies to Consultant or Associate Specialist, GP, Academic, Clinical, Health or Population Scientist, Retired and Speciality Trainee Doctor category

Discount 50%

Membership year: runs from 1 January to 31 December and fees paid by members joining from 1 November onwards will be regarded as being in respect of the membership year ending 31 December following.

Membership eligibility: Membership of BHIVA is open to the following categories of personnel involved in HIV care: those working within professions or industry, or other appropriate HIV-active healthcare workers, where a significant component of their work is directly or indirectly related to HIV care.

Membership renewal: Renewal notices are sent out at the beginning of November each year. Any members whose fees remains unpaid by end of February following will be in arrears and cease to be a member of BHIVA.

Membership benefits: Benefits are non-transferable and BHIVA reserves the right to change benefits offered.

a) Discounted registration for BHIVA conferences (CPD approved)

b) Access to the BHIVA website members’ area

c) Membership subscription fees approved for Income Tax Relief vi

d) Free subscription to the BHIVA journal HIV Medicine (12 issues p.a. and online access)

e) Free subscription to the BHIVA Members Matters email (up to 12 issues p.a.)

f) Free subscription to HIV Treatment Bulletin provided by HIV i-Base (online and by email)

g) Access to CPD Certificates on successful completion of online e-learning modules

h) Access to BHIVA Research Awards and other scholarships and bursaries

i) Access to BASHH/ BHIVA/ FSRH Mentoring Scheme

j) Voting rights for Officers and Trustee elections (eligibility subject to category and joining date)

k) Eligibility to stand for election to the BHIVA Executive Committee (eligibility subject to joining date)

l) BHIVA support for National Clinical Impact Awards (eligible UK-based consultant members only)

m) Access to online webcasts

i  Medical student FT Student/Stipend membership is free for the duration of the PhD.
   PhD fellowship/salaried pay the Specialty Trainee rate £95 (50% discount if salary <£50,000.00 per annum)
   Membership includes online-only access to HIV Medicine and does not include (h), (j), (k) or (l)
ii  Must be a fully paid-up member of the relevant affiliated association to qualify for discounted fee
iii UK-CAB membership includes online-only access to HIV Medicine and does not include (a), (h), (k) or (l)
iv LMIC International membership includes (a), (b), (d) (online only), (e), (f) and (g).
    Must be living in low- or middle-income countries (as defined by the World Bank) and earning local salary.
v HIC International membership includes (a), (b), (d) (online only), (e), (f) and (g).
   Applies to members living in high-income countries (as defined by the World Bank) and earning local salary.
vi BHIVA Membership How to make a Claim with HMRC | HMRC Approved Organisations

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If you have any questions regarding your membership, please contact the Secretariat.

If you wish to change your BHIVA website username, please email the Secretariat directly.

Membership data protection terms and conditions

As a member of BHIVA, you have provided personal information which we retain and use, having regard to the relevant data protection legislation. The information you provided during your membership application will be updated over time so that we have current information about your grade, post and contact details. We use the information you provide to send you updates, emails and notifications. We will also invite you to participate in elections for roles within BHIVA and to participate in surveys, consultation feedback and guidelines consultations that BHIVA believes will contribute to the practice of HIV care. We will also share your name and address and preferred email with the journal publishers, Wiley, for the purpose of sending you the BHIVA journal, HIV Medicine. BHIVA retains membership information indefinitely, although any member resigning from BHIVA can request that their data be deleted by emailing the BHIVA Secretariat. We will take all reasonable physical, electronic and administrative steps to safeguard and protect personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, inadvertent disclosure, alteration and destruction. BHIVA will not sell your details to any third parties nor share your details with any unrelated third parties without your consent unless we are legally obliged to do so.

We will also send you emails from third parties, including pharmaceutical companies, that BHIVA believes will be of interest to you. Such emails may contain branded content produced by third parties. You can unsubscribe from receiving third party emails at any time by emailing the Secretariat.

The personal data of BHIVA members is held on a secure server at a data centre in the UK operated by Gyron Internet Ltd. This data is transferred to our customer relationship management software, Hubspot. More information can be found on the Hubspot website: https://legal.hubspot.com/security. The transfer of this data is handled by Zapier. More information can be found on the Zapier website: https://zapier.com/legal/data-privacy. Membership emails and BHIVA information emails are sent via Hubspot.