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BHIVA webcasts

As part of BHIVA’s ongoing commitment to continued professional development we have recorded the first 3 in a series of webcasts available to all BHIVA members to view on demand on the following topics;

  • TasP
    Professor Sarah Fidler

  • Pregnancy Guidelines
    Dr Yvonne Gilleece

  • ART updates
    Dr Laura Waters

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This project has been made possible through the support of an Independent Medical Grant from Gilead Sciences and we will continue to build upon the topics over the coming months.

The SWIFT symposia on Race, Ethnicity and Health Outcomes

The first of two symposia exploring race, ethnicity and healthcare outcomes delivered by SWIFT (Supporting Women with HIV Information Network) and sponsored by the British HIV Association.

Part 1 - Friday 24th July 2020
Part 2 - Friday 11th September 2020