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Second update to the BHIVA-BASHH Position Statement on PrEP in the UK
This update follows the NHS England update on the commissioning and provision of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention.

In addition to the position statement, practical guidance and infographics to help explain event-based dosing are also provided.

Practical guidance for healthcare workers (PDF)

Practical guidance for healthcare workers (Word)

Prevention and management of loss to follow-up in HIV outpatient services: good practice position statement (PDF)
Advice for clinical services on investigating and contacting individuals who do not attend or may be at risk of disengagement from care.


Updated BHIVA-BASHH Position Statement on PrEP in the UK
Recent results from clinical trials of PrEP have made it clear that this biomedical prevention tool could have a major impact on the HIV epidemic in the UK. The intention of this updated Position Statement is to inform UK healthcare workers on the role of antiretroviral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in the setting of the UK epidemic, so that they can have an informed discussion with their patients.

The evidence gathered in our own epidemic setting for the benefits of PrEP for the individual, and for the health service, is compelling. Further, it offers an opportunity to engage with those most at risk of HIV, buying time for a sustainable change in behaviour and averting a condition that requires life-long therapy. The HIV incidence observed in PROUD and IPERGAY is unacceptably high, and existing prevention strategies are clearly insufficient. Our recommendation is that PrEP should be made available to the most at-risk populations.

BHIVA welcomes the provisional results of the START study
BHIVA welcomes the provisional results of the START study, which demonstrate significant benefits to starting antiretroviral therapy early. We look forward to the presentation of the full results at the IAS conference in Vancouver in July.

Recording and investigation of late HIV diagnoses: good practice position statement
Advice for HIV clinical services on investigating late diagnoses to identify and learn from possible missed earlier opportunities for testing.


Making it work
A guide to whole system commissioning for sexual health, reproductive health and HIV.

Confidentiality in the NHS: Your Information, Your Rights
A guide on how personal confidential information on HIV is stored, used and shared within the NHS in England.

Providing medical evidence for benefits applications: A guide for HIV clinicians
This is a guide for HIV consultants and specialist nurses who may be asked to provide medical evidence for patients in support of benefits claims.

HIV Patient Information and NHS Confidentiality in England
A NAT project looking at 'HIV Patient Information and NHS Confidentiality'.

HIV-infected healthcare workers: guidance and management
Published in January 2014, this guidance includes information on managing the risk of transmission from worker to patient, EPPs, occupational health monitoring arrangements and patient notification exercises.


Early testing saves lives: HIV is a public health priority (Third edition)
Read the Halve It White Paper, supported by BHIVA. For more information, please visit
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HIV: A guide for police forces
"HIV: A guide for police forces" is endorsed by BHIVA and includes information about how to address HIV in police occupational health policies and blood-borne virus (BBV) training.

HIV Transmission, the Law and the Work of the Clinical Team
This document sets out the roles and responsibilities of health care professionals when caring for individuals infected with HIV.


DFID's contribution to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
Government Response to the Committee's First Report of Session 2012-13.

HIV Partner Notification: a missed opportunity?
This NAT report highlights the importance of partner notification and steps that need to be taken at a local and national level in order to ensure high quality, consistent and cost-effective HIV partner notification in the UK.



Time to test for HIV: Expanding HIV testing in healthcare and community services in England
Final report, 2011. This work was carried out with the support of a grant from the Department of Health.

Guidance on the Management of Sexual and Reproductive Health for Adolescents living with HIV (2011)
HYPNET / CHIVA / BASHH / BHIVA. Download the Appendices

BHIVA Position Statement - The future role of primary and community care in HIV
BHIVA statement on principles which should underpin future models of care for patients with diagnosed HIV infection.

BHIVA at the House of Lords Select Committee on HIV and AIDS
Further to the attendance by Dr Ian Williams at the House of Lords Select Committee on HIV and AIDS on 8 February 2011 on behalf of BHIVA, please click here to download the unrevised transcript of evidence taken before the Select Committee.
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1st Report - No vaccine, no cure: HIV and AIDS in the United Kingdom (01 September 2011)
HIV and AIDS in the United Kingdom - Oral with associated written evidence (12 July 2011)


The case for including sexual & reproductive health and HIV as a central part of the Public Health
Sexual & reproductive health and HIV is a major public health issue, and improving services in this area has been identified by the public as one of the three most important public health priorities in England. The nation has some of the highest rates of poor sexual health in Europe. Download the White Paper.

BHIVA and CHIVA Position Statement - Infant Feeding in the UK
British HIV Association (BHIVA) and Children's HIV Association (CHIVA) Position Statement on Infant Feeding in the UK.


Detention and removal of people living with HIV (2009)
In association with National AIDS Trust.
Read the accompanying Press Release

Don't Forget the Children’: Guidance for the HIV testing of children with HIV- positive parents (2009)
In association with Childrens HIV Association (CHIVA).

Disturbing Symptoms 7: How commissioners managed sexual health and HIV in 2008 and how specialist clinicians viewed their progress (2009)
Published by THT, supported by BHIVA - Available to BHIVA Members only.


Criminal Prosecution Service
BHIVA reply to the Crown Prosecution Service draft policy for prosecuting cases involving sexual transmission of infections which cause grievous bodily harm.