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Education and Research

The Education and Scientific Subcommittee is developing workshops, master classes and educational meetings, one of which is a one-day revision course, run jointly with BASHH, for candidates taking the Diploma in HIV Medicine examination. This subcommittee contributes to the Conferences Subcommittee and suggests topics and speakers for the conference programmes, as well as providing reviewers to score abstracts submitted for the Annual Conferences.

The remit also includes the review of established and newly issued documents and health policies from the Department of Health and other government agencies, and influential organisations, that impact on the practice of HIV medicine and on research.

The subcommittee also supervises the dispensation of competitive BHIVA funds for research and scholarship and has set the criteria for, and judges, the BHIVA Research Award. The award winners report back to the subcommittee and, in addition, submit their findings to a future BHIVA conference as an abstract.

BHIVA also developed a one-day course for the HIV Physician focusing on the inpatient care of the HIV-infected patient in general medicine services. The course focused on managing medical issues arising with HIV and general medicine topics in diagnosed patients for the HIV doctor. It is envisaged that these general medicine courses become part of BHIVA’s educational initiatives for years to come.

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