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23rd Annual Conference of BHIVA Presentations - Thursday 6 April 2017

Date: 4 - 7 April 2017

Venue: Arena and Convention Centre, Liverpool


Please view and download conference presentations by clicking on the links below:

BHIVA Plenary Session 2 in collaboration with the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS)

Dr Christoph Boesecke HIV/hepatitis co-infection
Dr Christoph Boesecke, University of Bonn, Germany

Dr Lene Ryom Looking beyond HIV: the factors to consider with an ageing population
Dr Lene Ryom, Centre of Excellence for Health, Immunity and Infections, Copenhagen, Denmark

Oral Research Presentations: Session 2: Testing and Early Infection

Dr Michael Brady Abstract O7: HIV self-testing: feasibility and acceptability of a large scale national service
Dr Michael Brady, Terrence Higgins Trust

Dr Sarah Parry Abstract O8: Routine blood-borne virus testing for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C in the emergency department: the ‘new normal’?
Dr Sarah Parry, Royal London Hospital

Dr Hannah Alexander Abstract O9: HIV testing in a London emergency department: the first 21 weeks
Dr Hannah Alexander, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London

Dr Jean Mbisa Abstract O10: Source of HIV-1 drug-resistant minority variants in people who are recently infected
Dr Jean Mbisa, Public Health England

Dr John Thornhill Abstract O11: Impact of ART in primary HIV infection on T cell immune exhaustion in gut-associated lymphoid tissue: implications for HIV persistence
Dr John Thornhill, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London

Dr Olubanke Davies Abstract O12: The impact of immunoglobulin in acute HIV Infection on the HIV reservoir: a randomized controlled trial
Dr Olubanke Davies, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, London

Miss Zoe Wallace Abstract O13: Engineered affinity-enhanced immune-mobilising monoclonal T cell receptors (ImmTAVs) for HIV cure
Miss Zoë Wallace, University of Oxford

Dr Gary Whitlock Abstract O14: Rapid initiation of antiretroviral treatment in newly diagnosed HIV: experience of a central London clinic
Dr Gary Whitlock, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London

Ms Sophie Jose Abstract O15: A time-updated continuum of care in a UK cohort
Ms Sophie Jose, University College London

BHIVA Lunchtime Workshop 3 - Pregnancy and breastfeeding case presentations

HIV test? No thank you
Dr Natasha Astill, Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust

Shining a torch on prophylaxis in pregnancy
Dr Subathira Dakshina, Barts Health NHS Trust, London

Can we use dolutegravir BD in pregnancy?
Dr Rebecca Thomson Glover, Royal Liverpool University Hospital

BHIVA Lunchtime Workshop 4 - New consultants workshop

How to get sued in HIV medicine
Dr Matthew Phillips, Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

How to be a great educational supervisor
Dr Rak Nandwani, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Oral Research Presentations - Session 3: Toxicities and Co-morbidities

Miss Sara Croxford Abstract O16: Suicide among people diagnosed with HIV in England and Wales compared to the general population
Miss Sara Croxford, Public Health England

Dr Cat Kirby Abstract O17: The effect of HIV co-morbidity on mental health outcomes among people accessing services for serious mental illness (SMI) in South London
Dr Cat Kirby, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London

Dr Olubanke Davies Abstract O18: Clinical correlates of cognitive function in people living with HIV (PLHIV): a cross-sectional study
Dr Olubanke Davies, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, London

Mr Ryan Samuels Abstract O19: TDF associated renal tubular dysfunction: non-invasive assessment of mitochondrial injury
Mr Ryan Samuels, Newcastle University

Dr Alessia Dalla Pria Abstract O20: Does Plasma Epstein–Barr virus DNA predict outcome in advanced HIV-associated Hodgkin lymphoma?
Dr Alessia Dalla Pria, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

Prof Graham Taylor Abstract O21: Impact of HTLV-1 co-infection on T-cells in patients with fully suppressed HIV infection: an open, single centre, cross-sectional study
Prof Graham Taylor, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London

Miss Srishti Chhabra Abstract O22: Clinical research cerebral MRI findings in HIV positive subjects and appropriate controls
Miss Srishti Chhabra, Imperial College London

Mr Joel Paparello Abstract O23: The role of hepatitis C core antigen(HCV-cAg) testing in the era of hepatitis C direct-acting antivirals (DAAs)
Mr Joel Paparello, Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Laura Midgley Abstract O24: Acute hepatitis C infection in lower risk MSM: an evolving picture
Dr Laura Midgley, Mortimer Market Centre, London

BHIVA Invited Lecture 2

Dr Andrew Hill Generics: the facts
Dr Andrew Hill, University of Liverpool

This lecture is supported by an educational grant from Mylan. Mylan have had no involvement in the content or participants of this lecture.

BHIVA Invited Lecture 3

Dr Suneeta Soni The latest in STI diagnostics
Dr Suneeta Soni, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

BHIVA Invited Lecture 4

Dr John Frater An overview of basic science discoveries that will impact upon clinical practice
Dr John Frater, University of Oxford

Gala Dinner