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BHIVA Research Awards

Originally launched in 2006, the BHIVA Research Awards are open, through competitive application, to all BHIVA members for research projects that impact on the improvement of clinical care and management of people living with HIV in the UK. A minimum of £30,000 per annum is available, to be distributed amongst the successful applicants according to the quality of the submitted proposals, with a maximum of £10,000 award per application.  The awards panel is chaired by an independent chair.

National Institute for Health Research

Applications for grants or funding for research or other projects made directly to the Association are reviewed by the BHIVA Executive Committee at its meetings and considered based on merit and their relevance to the objectives of BHIVA.

BHIVA Research Awards 2019 - applications are now closed

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2018 winners

In 2018, BHIVA Research Awards received ten high quality applications from both large and small centres, requesting a total of £110,348.44. The BHIVA Research Awards Judging Panel is proud to announce the following five successful applicants being awarded a total of £39,249.

'REACH UP (RE-evaluation of Annual Cytology using HPV testing to Upgrade Prevention): a feasibility study in Women Living With HIV', Dr P Cicconi, University of Oxford

'The Indeterminate Retrovirus Infection Service (IDRIS); Novel testing, counselling and management of people with indeterminate HIV results', Miss M Khan and Dr B Mora Peris, Imperial College London

'The interaction between oral PrEP, HIV susceptibility and the microbiome (M-PrEP)', Dr MJ Lee, Guy's and St Thomas Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London

'Infant Nutrition in Babies Born to HIV positive mothers: An Explorative Analysis of Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs Held by Key Care Providers in the North East of England', Dr D Ogbonmwan, New Croft Centre, Newcastle

'Minimally invasive assessment of mitochondrial function in people ageing with HIV', Dr B Payne, Newcastle University

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

BHIVA has been successful in its application for NIHR Clinical Research Network (NIHR) approval for the BHIVA Research Awards. Clearly this is a great step forward for our awards programme and confers significant advantages to the recipients of BHIVA awards. Please see below for details:

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) non-commercial Partner Status
BHIVA is now an NIHR non-commercial partner in respect of its Research Awards funding stream. Appropriate research studies funded through this NIHR non-commercial partner funding stream are now automatically eligible for inclusion in the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) Portfolio and therefore entitled to:

  • Use the NIHR Coordinated System for gaining NHS permissions (NIHR CSP), which is accessed via the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS)
  • Access NHS support via the NIHR Clinical Research Network.

Please note that to gain inclusion on the NIHR CRN Portfolio any research study funded by BHIVA must also meet the standard study eligibility criteria, namely that it:

  • Is a discrete structure research project with an appropriate study protocol
  • Is of clear value to the NHS
  • Involves NHS patients, staff, premises, facilities or resources
  • Requires NHS support via the NIHR Clinical Research Network.

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