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Animation Launch: "Good news about HIV"

“Ending new HIV transmissions in the UK is within our grasp”

New video from The Martin Fisher Foundation

Thursday 1 December 2022, World AIDS Day

The Brighton-based Martin Fisher Foundation want everyone to see “Good News about HIV”. This explainer animation is free for all to use - in educational programmes, on information screens, as part of social media messaging, across healthcare services and on public information websites. They would like us all to share it widely through our professional and personal networks.

“Good news about HIV” is just 2 minutes, 39 seconds long and the YouTube link is here It can also be viewed below.

The main message is that we have the knowledge, ambition, and the tools to end new HIV transmissions if everyone knows their HIV status, and commences prompt HIV treatment if diagnosed positive, or accesses effective prevention initiatives if negative, then we can stop new infections.

Press release and further information here: