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Joint BHIVA/BASHH National Clinical Audit of HIV Partner Notification

Wednesday 1st May 2013

Data collection for this audit is now open until Friday 14 June 2013. BHIVA and BASHH strongly encourage all providers of clinical care for adults with HIV infection to participate, including services which do not undertake partner notification or refer patients elsewhere for this. The aims are to record current practice, policy and outcomes of partner notification for HIV and to work towards formulating good practice guidance and setting standards in this area.

This is the first time BHIVA and BASHH have collaborated on a national audit, and addresses an important topic for patients, clinicians and the public health. There is growing evidence that improving partner notification may have a significant impact in tackling the major problems of undiagnosed HIV and late presentation. The recent Standards of Care for People Living with HIV include partner notification, but lack of outcomes data against which to measure our performance is a significant barrier to promoting good clinical practice in this area. These factors make this an important audit to undertake collaboratively. The clear advantage to services which usually take part in both BHIVA and BASHH audits is that there will only be one audit this year.

We recognise that some non-GU clinics which routinely take part in BHIVA audits may not deliver a great deal of partner notification, especially partner notification associated with the initial HIV diagnosis. However, we also know that HIV partner notification is often extended into the period of ongoing care, is a recurring process if risk continues, and that partner notification work which is done, often very effectively, in such services is not captured or recognised for service planning and commissioning purposes. It is therefore particularly important for these non-GU services to take part.

Please contact the BHIVA Secretariat to check if your centre is on the BHIVA audit mailing list.