19th Annual Conference of BHIVA Presentations - Friday 19th April 2013

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BHIVA Clinico-pathological SpR case presentations

Stop the press: an uncommon presentation of hypercalcaemia
Dr James Stevenson, King’s College Hospital, London

A swell 'd8'
Dr Emily Chung, Mortimer Market Centre, London

Expecting the unexpected
Dr Anna Hartley, Barts Health NHS Trust, London

A multi-system syndrome: is it the drug or is it a bug?
Dr John Thornhill, Barts Health NHS Trust, London

MRC Clinical Trials Unit Session - Neurocognitive testing in HIV clinical trials

Neurocognitive testing in clinical trials: luxury or necessity?
Dr Alan Winston, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London

Neurocognitive test results from contemporary trials: what do they tell us?
Dr Alejandro Arenas-Pinto, University College London

Oral Research Presentations: Session 4 - Antiretroviral treatment

Abstract O22: The feasibility of switching efavirenz (EFV)-based highly active antiretroviral therapy to raltegravir (RAL)-based therapy in HIV-infected individuals with central nervous system (CNS) toxicity: a Phase IV open label pilot study
Dr Manisha Yapa, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

Abstract O23: Impairment of renal function associated with tenofovir therapy in HIV-infected patients
Miss Kirsty McKelvey, University of Edinburgh

Abstract O24: HIV-1 RNA and HIV-1 DNA persistence during long-term suppressive ART
Professor Anna Maria Geretti, University of Liverpool

Abstract O25: Therapeutic immunisation in conjunction with IL-2, GM-CSF and rhGH improves CD4 T-cell counts and reduces immune activation in cART-treated HIV-1+ patients: a Phase I clinical study
Dr Anna Herasimtschuk, Imperial College London

Abstract O26: Therapeutic tendering: an innovative strategy to reduce the cost of antiretroviral therapy
Dr Paul Benn, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Oral Poster Presentations

P2 Are Health and Wellbeing Boards in higher HIV-prevalence areas prioritising HIV prevention?
Miss Babs Evans, MBARC (HPE), London

P92 Role of IL18 in HIV lipodystrophy
Mr Rana Majid, University of Liverpool

P141 Switching to rilpivirine in clinical practice: experience of two London HIV units
Miss Lucy Hedley, Mortimer Market Centre, London

P165 Should we stop testing CD4 counts in HIV-infected individuals with viral suppression and CD4 ≥ 350?
Dr Nadia Ahmed, Mortimer Market Centre, London

P178 The emergence of new viral strains following treatment failure in an HIV-positive cohort infected with acute HCV
Dr Tamer Abdelrahman, University of Glasgow

BHIVA Lunchtime Workshop 5 - ART and toxicity case presentations

Infection, inflammation or injury?
Dr Stuart Flanagan, Homerton University Hospital, London

Doctor! Is it my lifestyle or the infection causing problems?
Dr Dawn Friday, Warrington General Hospital

Does ART for all mean OLT for all?
Dr Endip Dhesi, Royal Free Hospital, London

BHIVA Lunchtime Workshop 6 in collaboration with the National HIV Nurses Association (NHIVNA)

Multidisciplinary team working: the role of the Advanced Practice Nurse in the MDT
Invited consultation meeting to discuss the nurse’s role in the clinical team, with an aim to producing guidelines on Advanced Nursing Practice (ANP) in June 2013.

Defining the Advanced Practice Nursing Role
Mr Nathaniel Ault, Barts Health NHS Trust, London

Round table discussions

  • How it fits within the MDT
  • Essential support for the role
  • Educational attainment and competencies
  • Leading on outcomes, including audit and research

BHIVA Plenary Session 2

Where to next with HPV vaccination? New strategies, new vaccines
Professor Margaret Stanley, University of Cambridge

Can we live without nucleosides?
Professor José Arribas, Hospital La Paz, Madrid, Spain

BHIVA Debate
The motion: Antiretroviral treatment should be routinely commenced at a CD4 count of 500

For the motion:
Dr Cal Cohen, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Against the motion:
Professor Caroline Sabin, Royal Free and University College London Medical School