19th Annual Conference of BHIVA Presentations - Thursday 18th April 2013

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BHIVA Guidelines Session

BHIVA guidelines for the management of co-infection with HIV-1 and hepatitis viruses
Dr Ed Wilkins, North Manchester General Hospital

BHIVA guidelines for the treatment of malignancies in HIV-positive individuals
Professor Mark Bower, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

Oral Research Presentations: Session 2 - HIV co-infections and complications

Abstract O6: Occult hepatitis B/HIV co-infection in African migrants to the UK: a point prevalence study
Dr David Chadwick, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough

Abstract O7: HCV reinfection incidence among HIV-positive men who have sex with men
Dr Thomas Martin, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

Abstract O8: Alterations in the balance of Th1 (CXCR3+CCR5+) cells to Th17 (CCR4+CCR6+CCR10–) and Th22 (CCR4+CCR6+CCR10+) cells in HIV-1/HCV coinfection is associated with immune activation, microbial translocation and liver fibrosis
Dr Emma Page, Imperial College London

Abstract O9: Quantification of hepatic FOXP3+ T-lymphocytes in HIV-hepatitis C co-infection: a mechanism for poor outcomes?
Dr Sion Williams, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals

Abstract O10: Impact of screening on staging and survival of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in HIV/HCV coinfected patients
Dr Emma Page, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

Abstract O11: The effect of antiretroviral therapy on chest radiograph appearance in HIV-associated pulmonary tuberculosis
Dr Clare van Halsema, North Manchester General Hospital

Abstract O12: Effects of renal tubular dysfunction on bone in HIV-positive patients
Dr Amanda Samarawickrama, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals

Abstract O13: Value of 18F-FDG PET /CT in HIV-positive patients with neurological presentations
Dr Keerti Gedela, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London

BHIVA Lunchtime Workshop 3

Spot diagnosis: tropical STIs
Professor David Mabey, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

BHIVA Lunchtime Workshop 4

HIV and chronic diarrhoea: case presentations
Dr Andrew Ustianowski, North Manchester General Hospital

Oral Research Presentations: Session 3 - Pregnancy, gender and transmission

Abstract O14: Does initiation of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) before pregnancy increase risk of adverse outcomes: miscarriage, prematurity, stillbirth?
Dr Helen Dale, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Abstract O15: Elevated leukocyte adhesion marker VCAM-1 in HIV-1-infected in women initiating PI-based ART during pregnancy compared to women conceiving on PI-based ART and women initiating triple-NRTI ART
Dr Charlotte-Eve Short, Imperial College London

Abstract O16: Loss to follow-up after pregnancy among women living with HIV in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: the role of African ethnicity
Dr Shema Tariq, City University London

Abstract O17: Gender differences in outcomes to first-line treatment in the era of modern antiretroviral therapy (ART)
Dr Peter Saunders, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Abstract O18: Mental health diagnoses in HIV-infected young people: an HIV Young Persons Network audit
Dr Ellen Dwyer, Croydon University Hospital

Abstract O19: Intimate partner violence in male and female patients living with HIV
Dr Sian Warren, Cardiff Royal Infirmary

Abstract O20: Continued high levels of condomless sex in serodifferent couples when the positive partner is on antiretroviral therapy: the PARTNER study
Dr Alison Rodger, University College London

Abstract O21: Reducing onward transmission: viral suppression among key population groups living with HIV in the United Kingdom
Dr Valerie Delpech, Health Protection Agency, London

BHIVA Audit Session

Audit of people with diagnosed HIV infection not attending for care
Dr Katherine Clay, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

BHIVA Plenary Session 1: The virtual clinic

Haemophagocytosis syndrome (HPS) in HIV
Dr Nadia Ahmed, Mortimer Market Centre, London

HIV/hepatitis co-infection in pregnancy
Dr Aoife Molloy, Royal Free Hospital, London

Drug–drug interactions in renal transplantation
Dr Anna Goodman, Royal Free Hospital, London

Expert Panel
Dr Jonathan Ainsworth, North Middlesex University Hospital
Professor Clifford Leen, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
Dr Marta Boffito, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London