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British HIV Association Standards of care for people living with HIV 2018


The Standards are designed to provide a reference point against which to benchmark the quality of HIV care in the context of the changing needs of patients and the current financial pressures. They provide information to support top quality care and to inform commissioning decisions to meet the growing need for more efficient and cost-effective services. These Standards update earlier versions published in 2007 and 2013.

The new Standards are evidence based, and have been developed in partnership with care providers, professional associations, commissioners and people living with HIV. They cover the range of care needed from testing and diagnosis to the end of life, taking a holistic view of an integrated approach embracing overall health and well-being, as well as clinical care.

There are eight quality Standards, covering the care that any adult living with HIV in the UK should expect to receive. Each one presents a rationale, quality statements and measurable and auditable outcomes. Three new sections have been introduced looking at HIV prevention, stigma and well-being, and HIV across the life course.

Following the recent launch of the 2018 BHIVA Standards of Care for People living with HIV, it became apparent that the use of the word ‘negligible’ was not being interpreted as it was intended in the original Consensus Statement where it indicated that there is no risk of transmission under the conditions described. For clarity, we have replaced the term ‘negligible’ with more accessible phrases to convey this important public health message and have included the full statement in Appendix 2 for ease of reference. We hope this clarification has made the Standards more accessible and useful to all stakeholders.


BHIVA Standards of Care for People Living with HIV 2018

Your Guide to...BHIVA Standards of Care for People Living with HIV

BHIVA Standards of Care for People Living with HIV 2018

"Your Guide to..." BHIVA Standards of Care for people living with HIV

The BHIVA Standards of Care were published in 2018. This is a valuable document, setting out the standards of care expected in the UK for people living with HIV. While the document is great for those delivering care, or commissioning care, the content can be quite challenging to understand for those receiving care – people living with HIV. This is, perhaps, the group that most needs to understand the standards.

With the support of BHIVA and a grant from the MAC AIDS Fund, a group from the HIV community have created "Your Guide to..." the BHIVA Standards. This looks at the standards from a patient perspective and highlights in plain language what a person living with HIV might reasonably expect to receive in terms of their care in the UK at all stages of their HIV journey. This was launched at the BHIVA Autumn Conference in November 2020.

The guide is available online:

Please encourage your service users to go to this website for information about the standard of care that people living with HIV could expect to receive at any stage of their life. The website has the "Your Guide to..." information, as well as easy links to the full 2018 BHIVA Standards of Care for those who want more information. The website is designed to work on mobile devices as well as computers, and is easy to use and navigate.

Your Guide To...BHIVA Standards of Care for People Living with HIV 2018