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Clinical Audit Co-ordinator

Monday 11 April 2022


Clinical audit is a quality improvement process that seeks to improve patient care and outcomes through systematic review of care against explicit criteria and the implementation of change. The British HIV Association (BHIVA) seeks a co-ordinator to manage its well-established national clinical audit programme following retirement of the current post-holder. This is a high-level role involving complex skills and independent working.

Main roles

There are two main aspects to the clinical audit co-ordinator’s role, as follows:

Design and implementation of audit projects (usually one main national audit per year) including:

  • Identifying clinical content appropriate to specific topics, under guidance from members of the BHIVA Audit and Standards Subcommittee

  • Design of online questionnaire tools for data collection, currently via LimeSurvey software

  • Preparation of supporting documentation including invitations and reminders to participants

  • Responding to queries including explanation of audit aims and process, and referring clinical queries when necessary to members of the BHIVA Audit and Standards Subcommittee

  • Data analysis and presentation of results using reports, tables and graphs

  • Production of individually tailored reports to participating clinical services

  • Supporting preparation of articles for peer-reviewed publication (the post-holder does not usually take the lead author role).

Providing support functions for the BHIVA Audit and Standards Subcommittee, including:

  • Liaising with the chair and members and the main BHIVA Secretariat

  • Preparing agendas, minutes and supporting papers

  • Advising on matters requiring the committee’s attention.


The post-holder works independently but under the direction of the BHIVA Audit and Standards Subcommittee and its chair and any sub-groups. In addition to members of the committee, the post-holder liaises closely with the BHIVA Secretariat and, when appropriate, with the BHIVA officers.

Other relationships include liaison with:

  • BHIVA members and HIV specialist clinicians

  • Community and patient representatives

  • Academic, clinical and public health researchers in relevant fields.

Skills and characteristics required

Ability and motivation to work independently without supervision.

Commitment to excellence in healthcare for people living with or affected by HIV, with a broad understanding of NHS services and structure. Specialist knowledge about HIV and related conditions, public health, and/or UK health systems are desirable but not essential.

An anti-discriminatory and non-judgemental approach regarding substance use and risk behaviours as well as protected characteristics under the Equalities Act 2010 (i.e., age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion/belief, sex (gender) and sexual orientation).

Collaborative working with ability and willingness to consult and learn from a diverse range of colleagues and stakeholders.

Clear analytical thinking and research skills, encompassing:

  • Formulation of key questions and identification of data required to address these

  • Survey/questionnaire design

  • Data summarisation and manipulation skills including techniques such as pivot tables, selection and filtering

  • Presentation of data via tables and appropriately chosen graphs and figures

  • Excellent numeracy and familiarity with percentages, percentiles, means, medians, ranges and other basic statistical concepts. In-depth statistical analysis and testing is not required

  • Excellent report-writing, oral and written communication skills

  • Project management including planning and attention to schedules.

Information technology:

  • Ability rapidly to learn (or have familiarity with) LimeSurvey or a suitable alternative system for design of complex questionnaires including conditional logic

  • Provision, back-up, security and maintenance of post-holder’s own systems for other work and communications, to produce materials in formats fully compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

  • Ability to automate or semi-automate production of individually tailored reports using a template with linked data.

Post-graduate experience of research using quantitative datasets in public health, biomedicine, social science or related fields is highly desirable.

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