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BHIVA guidelines for the treatment of TB/HIV coinfection 2011

Treatment of TB/HIV coinfection (2011) Introduction

These guidelines have been drawn up to help physicians manage adults with tuberculosis (TB)/HIV coinfection. Recommendations for the treatment of TB in HIV-infected adults are similar to those in HIV-negative adults. However, there are important exceptions which are discussed in this summary. We recommend that coinfected patients are managed by a multidisciplinary team which includes physicians with expertise in the treatment of both TB and HIV infection.

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British HIV Association guidelines for the treatment of TB/HIV coinfection 2011

Writing Group

AL Pozniak, KM Coyne, RF Miller, MCI Lipman, AR Freedman, LP Ormerod, MA Johnson, S Collins and SB Lucas on behalf of the BHIVA Guidelines Subcommittee
(See Appendix for list of members of the BHIVA Guidelines Writing Group on TB Coinfection)


HIV Medicine (2011), 12, 517–524.