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BHIVA Autumn Conference Presentations - Friday 17 November 2017

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Breakfast Workshop: PrEP Impact Trial in England

Dr Laura Waters
Mortimer Market Centre, London

Ms Hannah Reaney
St Stephen's AIDS Trust

Dr Will Nutland

CHIVA Plenary Lecture

Watch the video Breastfeeding in HIV-positive women
Dr Hermione Lyall, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London

BHIVA Awards Ceremony

Public Health England Lecture

Watch the video Local response to eliminating HIV
Dr Valerie Delpech, Public Health England

Watch the video Local response to eliminating HIV
Dr Laura Waters, Mortimer Market Centre, London

Watch the videoPanel Discussion

BHIVA Standards of Care for People Living with HIV

Watch the video BHIVA Standards of Care for People Living with HIV
Dr Alison Howarth, University College London and Dr Ann Sullivan, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

BHIVA Audit Session

Watch the video Alcohol, substance misuse and psychological support
Dr Sarah Parry, Barts Health NHS Trust, London

Gazzard Lectureship in HIV Medicine

Watch the video Palliative care and HIV
Dr Richard Harding, King's College London

BHIVA Annual General Meeting (members only)

BHIVA/CHIVA Lunchtime Workshop - Pregnancy and breastfeeding case presentations

Management of premature delivery in a pregnant woman with HIV drug resistance
Mrs Jessica Clements, Kent Community Health NHS Trust

A positive labour
Dr Nina Vora, Mortimer Market Centre

Multidisciplinary challenges in an unexpected pregnancy
Dr Larissa Mulka, Brighton and Sussex Medical School

BHIVA Plenary Session 3

Watch the video HIV and neglected tropical diseases
Professor Brian Angus, University of Oxford

Watch the video TB update
Dr Martin Dedicoat, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

This lecture was funded by an independent educational grant from Oxford Immunotec. Oxford Immunotec did not have any involvement in speaker selection or content of this lecture.

BHIVA Clinical Conundrums

Bone and renal biomarkers
Dr Stephen Walsh, University College London

Watch the video U=U: Talking to patients about transmission risk
Mr Matthew Hodson, NAM

Incidentalomas: how to deal with minor findings in the era of endless imaging
Dr Simon Jackson, NHS Lothian, Edinburgh

Close by the Chair of the British HIV Association

Professor Chloe Orkin
Barts Health NHS Trust, London