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Annual National HIV Mortality Review

BHIVA and Public Health England are collaborating on an annual national review of mortality among people with HIV. This review has been designed based on a working model that has been running in London since 2013.

Through this review, we aim to better understand causes of death and preventable mortality among people with HIV and be able to monitor progress towards the UNAIDS/Fast Track City Initiative target of zero HIV-related preventable deaths. While participation in the National HIV Mortality Review is voluntary, BHIVA Standards of Care 2018 recommends review of all deaths among people known to have HIV (Standards 4A and 8B). The BHIVA Audit and Standards Sub-Committee expects that clinical services will wish to take part in order to meet this standard. Participating services are requested to submit data on all future known deaths among people with HIV, as selected deaths might be unrepresentative.

Any death submitted through this review process does not need to also be submitted through HARS. Annual summaries will be sent back to all participating services/Trusts.