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Janssen Exchange Scholarships in collaboration with BHIVA, Barts Health NHS Trust and the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) 2015-16

Janssen, in collaboration with the British HIV Association (BHIVA), Barts Health NHS Trust and the University of Zimbabwe (UZ), have set up an Exchange Scholarship for a UK-based training grade doctor, pharmacist or nurse (working in the field of HIV medicine and who is also a BHIVA member) and a Zimbabwean trainee/physician.

The Exchange Scholarship will enable the winning UK applicant to travel to Zimbabwe to take part in a placement at a teaching hospital HIV unit for 4 weeks. It is anticipated that the programme will provide a unique opportunity to increase understanding of the treatment and management of HIV in the poorly resourced world and for the Scholar to disseminate this information and experience when they return to the UK.

The winning Zimbabwean applicant will be presented with the opportunity to observe specialist HIV multidisciplinary in-patient care in the NHS at Barts Trust in London for a period of 4 weeks. It is hoped that the programme will offer the Scholar the chance to work within a different health structure, noting challenges of the NHS.

Please note that airfares, local travel and accommodation expenses will be paid for by the Scholarship fund, for both Scholars from the UK and Zimbabwe. In addition, the Scholarship will cover travel to and attendance at the British HIV Association Annual Conference on 19-22 April 2016 in Manchester, UK. A budget will be provided for these expenses, to cover various aspects of the Exchange Scholarship.