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Antiretroviral treatment for adults living with HIV-1 2022 (E-Learning Module 18)

This module is based on the BHIVA guidelines on antiretroviral treatment for adults living with HIV-1 2022.

Objectives of the package and educational value to the user

Upon completion of this activity, participants will have an improved understanding of:

  • The principles of using ART for the management of HIV 1 infection

- It is expected that it should take each participant approximately 4 hours to study the guidelines and answer all 32 questions.
- There is a time limit of 2 hours to answer all questions once you have started.
- There is also a form for you to provide feedback at the end, which must be completed within this time.
- Once you have completed the feedback form, you will immediately be taken to a page showing your results.
- The pass mark is 65% and, if successful and a BHIVA member, you will be sent a certificate .

In order to obtain RCP CPD accreditation for BHIVA e-learning modules, participants are now requested to access the RCP self-accreditation site and enter their CPD points (3 hours = 3 CPD points).

Please also ensure that Pop-ups are not being blocked by your browser before you begin.

Click here to download and study the guidelines

Click here to begin (2 hours to answer 32 Questions)