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Joint BHIVA/BASHH Diploma in HIV Medicine one-day revision course (London 2011)

Date: Monday 5 September 2011

Venue: St Thomas' Hospital, London


The revision course was developed by both associations to help prepare candidates for this important examination and was held on Monday 5 September 2011 at St Thomas’ Hospital, London. Only those intending to take the examination this year were eligible to register for the revision course.

The programme included:
  • Hepatitis co-infection
  • OSCE case-based discussion and best of five Q&A
  • OSCE case-based discussion: women’s issues
  • Understanding HIV resistance testing
  • Interactions and pharmacokinetics
  • Management of opportunistic infections
  • New antiretroviral drugs and trials
  • OSCE case based discussion/ARV toxicities

BHIVA/BASHH Revision Course Programme

Click here to download the course programme.