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London joins Fast-Track Cities initiative to reduce new HIV infections: BHIVA blog in Huffington Post, 12 January 2018

Friday 12 January 2018

BHIVA has blogged in the Huffington Post on London joining the Fast-Track Cities initiative to reduce new HIV infections: Fast-Track London will only work if we keep our foot on the accelerator - see link:

BHIVA Chair Chloe Orkin, who attended the signing of the Paris Declaration on Fast-Track Cities Ending the AIDS Epidemic, along with London borough leaders, Public Health England, NHS England and representatives from the HIV community, commented: "Meeting the UN's 90: 90: 90 targets is a huge achievement for London, and one to be proud of. People with well-controlled HIV can live to an old age and, importantly, cannot pass HIV on to others. If we are to reach zero transmissions, HIV testing must be easily accessible for those who do not yet know that they are HIV positive, so that they can take life-saving treatment. Making testing accessible takes political will. BHIVA thanks the Mayor for making this commitment to equality in access to diagnosis."

For full details of the initiative see this link to the Mayor's office:

For further information, please contact Jo Josh: 07787 530 922



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