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BHIVA, BASHH, NAT & UK-CAB statement on online access to GP health records in England

Laura Waters, Claire Dewsnap, Cheryl Gowar, Alex Sparrowhawk & Jo Josh

Tuesday 1 November 2022

What is the change?

From 1 November most people aged 16 or older will have access to all entries in their GP health records via the NHS App or other patient online apps. This will include:

  • Medication

  • Test results

  • Records of appointments

  • Letters from other health care professionals to their GP (including secondary care, community care and mental health services)

When does it start?

From 01 November 2022. Any information not already visible in the NHS app or other apps entered in the GP record prior to this date will not be accessible automatically. People will need to make a ‘Subject access request’ for historic data via their GP.

Will information from HIV or sexual health services be visible?

In general, only information that is included in letters to your GP. In addition, some clinics (now or in the future) may share results with GPs directly with patient consent.

What do HIV & Sexual Health services need to do?

1. Ensure that service users are aware that any correspondence to their GP (if they have consented to this) will be visible in their online records. As will results if there is a sharing system in place and they have consented

2. Ensure service users are aware that HIV-related information may be included in correspondence or results sent to their GP from other services e.g. if they have had scans or a specialist review at a different organisation

3. Write letters in language appropriate for service users as well as health care professionals

4. Include explanations for ‘abnormal results’ that require no action to avoid anxiety

5. Clearly flag any information that should not be shared with the patient e.g.

a. Safeguarding or third-party information

b. Sensitive test results that have not yet been discussed (deferring correspondence may be the best option here)

Additional resources

Information for health care professionals:

Information for service users, including how to correct inaccurate information:

For further information, please contact [email protected] or for media enquiries, please contact Jo Josh at [email protected] or +44 (0)7306 391875.