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Prize winners at the BHIVA Autumn Conference, London 2018

There were a number of awards presented at the BHIVA Autumn Conference 2018.

BHIVA Research Awards

Originally launched in 2006, the BHIVA Research Awards are open, through competitive application, to all BHIVA members for research projects that impact on the improvement of clinical care and management of people living with HIV in the UK. A minimum of £30,000 per annum is available, to be distributed amongst the successful applicants according to the quality of the submitted proposals, with a maximum of £10,000 award per application. The awards panel is chaired by an independent chair. Applications for grants or funding for research or other projects made directly to the Association are reviewed by the BHIVA Executive Committee at its meetings and considered based on merit and their relevance to the objectives of BHIVA.

BHIVA received ten research award applications from its members in 2018, the standards of which were extremely high. BHIVA provided research awards to five UK-based projects members and awarded a total of £39,249.00. The BHIVA Research Awards 2018 are part-funded by Gilead Sciences. BHIVA is also grateful for donations from BHIVA members. The Winners of the BHIVA Research awards 2018 are:

  • Dr Paola Cicconi, University of Oxford

  • Miss Maryam Khan and Dr Borja Mora Peris, Imperial College London

  • Dr Ming Jie Lee, Guy's and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, London

  • Dr Daisy Ogbonmwan, New Croft Centre, Newcastle

  • Dr Brendan Payne, Newcastle University

BHIVA Research Awards
Left to right: Dr Paola Cicconi, Dr Borja Mora Peris, Miss Maryam Khan, Dr Daisy Ogbonmwan, Dr Ming Jie Lee, Dr Brendan Payne, Professor Caroline Sabin

The Brian Gazzard Lectureship in HIV Medicine

The lectureship was set up by BHIVA in honour of its Founding Chair, Professor Brian Gazzard, and is now in its 13th year. The lecture is selected to be presented from a short list of proposed topics and eminent speakers put forward for consideration by the BHIVA Conferences Subcommittee.

This annual prize was awarded to Dr David Dockrell, University of Edinburgh, for his presentation 'How HIV alters macrophage responses to bacteria and other diseases'.

Dr David Dockrell
Professor Chloe Orkin and Dr David Dockrell

The BHIVA Don Jeffries Research Award

In 2012, as a memorial to Professor Donald Jeffries OBE, the BHIVA Education and Scientific Subcommittee instituted an award for the top-scoring project in the BHIVA Research Awards applications. This award has been set up in perpetuity, to honour Professor Jeffries' unerring support of the British HIV Association.

This annual prize was awarded to Dr Paola Cicconi, University of Oxford, for her presentation 'REACH UP (RE-evaluation of Annual Cytology using HPV testing to Upgrade Prevention): a feasibility study in Women Living With HIV'.

Dr Paola Cicconi
Dr Paola Cicconi and Professor Caroline Sabin

BHIVA Best Case Presentation Awards

Two awards from presentations made during the case presentation lunchtime workshops held on Thursday. Overall the standard was extremely high and as it was difficult to select one winner, both case presentations won!

Winner - BHIVA Best Clinico Pathological Case Award

If the problem is more than just skin deep, don’t make a rash decision
Dr Laurence Dufaur, Barts Health NHS Trust, London

No body expects the Spanish Inquisition
Dr Tamara Elliott, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London

Dr Laurence Dufaur and Dr Tamara Elliott
Dr Laurence Dufaur, Dr Tamara Elliott and Professor Caroline Sabin

The BHIVA Social Media Acknowledgement 2018

BHIVA would like to thanks the following colleagues for their contributions to the conference social media activity:

  • Dr Sean Cassidy, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

  • Dr Muge Cevik, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh

  • Dr Matthew Page, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham

  • Dr Emma Wallis, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust


During the conference a formal thank you was made by the Chair of the British HIV Association to the full BHIVA Conferences Subcommittee. In addition the following Committee Members were presented with gifts of appreciation:

  • Mr Paul Clift and Dr Ranjababu Kulesagaram (Conference Local Hosts)

  • Dr Laura Waters (Chair of the BHIVA Conferences Subcommittee)

  • Dr Melinda Tenant-Flowers (Retiring Chair, BHIVA e-Learning Working Group)

  • Dr Ann Sullivan (Retiring Honorary Secretary)

Professor Chloe Orkin, Mr Paul Clift and Dr Ranjababu Kulesagaram
Professor Chloe Orkin, Mr Paul Clift and Dr Ranjababu

Professor Chloe Orkin and Dr Laura Waters
Professor Chloe Orkin and Dr Laura Waters

Dr Melinda Tenant-Flowers and Professor Chloe Orkin
Dr Melinda Tenant-Flowers and Professor Chloe Orkin

Professor Chloe Orkin and Dr Ann Sullivan
Professor Chloe Orkin and Dr Ann Sullivan