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Treatment of HIV-infected adults with antiretroviral therapy (2006)


The BHIVA Treatment Guidelines for 2005 were prepared by a writing sub-committee, who jointly take responsibility for the recommendations, which are based on published data and evidence-based medicine.

The BHIVA Guidelines 2005 were updated to reflect the latest findings and were subjected to scrutiny by a lengthy consultative procedure which encouraged comments from our membership, community organisations, pharmaceutical companies.

These guidelines have now been archived. Click here to view the latest version.


This summary document is an update to the full British HIV Association (BHIVA) Treatment Guidelines published in HIV Medicine in July 2005 (Volume 6, Supplement 2). Only the ‘What to start with’ and ‘Treatment-experienced patients’ sections have been completely rewritten. The tables of recommendations (Tables 1–7) have also been updated to include new data.
British HIV Association (BHIVA) guidelines for the treatment of HIV-infected adults with antiretroviral therapy (2006)

Writing Group


  • Professor BG Gazzard (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London)

Members and Contributors

  • Mr EJ Bernard (NAM)
  • Dr M Boffito (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London)
  • Dr D Churchill (Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton)
  • Dr SG Edwards (Mortimer Market Centre, London)
  • Dr MJ Fisher (Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton)
  • Dr AM Geretti (Royal Free Hospital, London)
  • Prof MA Johnson (Royal Free Hospital, London)
  • Dr C Leen (Western General Hospital, Edinburgh)
  • Dr B Peters (St Thomas’ Hospital, London)
  • Dr A Pozniak (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London)
  • Dr JC Walsh (St Mary’s Hospital, London)
  • Dr EGL Wilkins (North Manchester General Hospital)
  • Dr M Youle (Royal Free Hospital, London)


Bhagani S, Sweny P, Brook G; British HIV Association. Guidelines for kidney transplantation in patients with HIV disease. HIV Med, 2006, 7, 133–139.