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25th Annual Conference of BHIVA - Presentations

Date: 2-5 April 2019

Venue: Bournemouth International Centre, UK

Tuesday 2 April 2019

BHIVA Pre-conference Meeting: Important Challenges

Dr Nadi GuptaBHIVA’s position on U=U an update
Dr Nadi Gupta, Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Mr Bruce RichmanU=U in resource limited countries
Mr Bruce Richman, Prevention Access Campaign, USA

Prof Matthew Weait U=U the legal context
Prof Matthew Weait, University of Portsmouth

Kat Smithson HIV care in immigration detention and removal
Kat Smithson, NAT

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Wednesday 3 April 2019

Welcome and Introduction

Professor Chloe OrkinWelcome and Introduction by Chair of BHIVA
Prof Chloe Orkin, Barts Health NHS Trust, London

Dr Kate SchroederWelcome by Local Host
Dr Kate Schroeder, Royal Bournemouth Hospital

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BHIVA Review Session

Dr Amanda Clarke New antiretroviral data
Dr Amanda Clarke, Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton

Dr Andrew Ustianowski New hepatitis data: hepatitis C in people with and without HIV, lessons learned from the hepatitis A outbreak
Dr Andrew Ustianowski, North Manchester General Hospital

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BHIVA Plenary Session 1

Dr Valerie Delpech Declining HIV incidence: is it all good news?
Dr Valerie Delpech, Public Health England

Dr Iain Reeves Syphilis: what can HIV clinics do?
Dr Iain Reeves, Homerton University Hospital, London

Dr Larissa Mulka Phylogenetic research: the basics, application to outbreaks, ethical issues & talking to patients
Dr Larissa Mulka, Brighton and Sussex Medical School

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BHIVA Invited Lecture 1

Prof Sebastian Lucas Autopsies: lessons learned and legal requirements
Prof Sebastian Lucas, St Thomas’ Hospital

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BHIVA Lunchtime Workshop 1 - Clinico-pathological case presentations

Dr Beatrice CockbainThinking outside the Sepsis Six box
Dr Beatrice Cockbain, Barts Health

Dr Toni MastersA weight off my shoulder
Dr Toni Masters, Coventry ISHS

Dr Hannah YeendNot just Found in Germany!
Dr Hannah Yeend, Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust

BHIVA Lunchtime Workshop 2

Mr Bertrand AudoinPeople and Places: Cities Fast- Tracking the HIV response
Mr Bertrand Audoin, IAPAC Fast Track Cities Coordinator, Europe

Panel discussion with representatives from the UK’s Fast Track Cities – Brighton, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Manchester

BHIVA Invited Lecture 2

Prof James Hargreaves The HIV Prevention Cascade
Prof James Hargreaves, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

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Oral Research Presentations: Session 1 (1–6)

Naman Vora Abstract O01 - The impact of the introduction of a specialist HIV pharmacy service (SHPS) to satellite HIV clinics
Naman Vora, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Melanie Rosenvinge Abstract O02 - Improving communication between Primary and Secondary Care for HIV positive patients
Melanie Rosenvinge, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

Heather Leake Date Abstract O03 - Facilitating primary care non-antiretroviral drug prescribing in people living with HIV: the Think ARV project
Heather Leake Date, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

Kate Francis Abstract O04 - BHIVA guidelines and breastfeeding in the UK: the current picture
Kate Francis, UCL, GOS Institute of Child Health

Farai Nyatsanza Abstract O05 - 38% of childbearing women with HIV in the UK would like to breastfeed – PACIFY STUDY
Farai Nyatsanza, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Avni Hindocha Abstract O06 - Optimal timing for serological screening for HIV exposed uninfected infants; the later the better?
Avni Hindocha, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

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BHIVA Invited Lecture 3

Dr Lion Shahab Smoking: are e-cigarettes the solution?
Dr Lion Shahab, University College London

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Thursday 4 April 2019

Oral Research Presentations: Session 2 (7–15)

Julie Fox Abstract O07 - The role of Raltegravir alone or combined with Lamivudine as PrEP: a phase 2 randomised controlled clinical trial
Julie Fox, Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Trust

Samuel Kabagambe Abstract O08 - Pharmacokinetics (PK) of bictegravir (BIC) in combination with polyvalent cation containing (PVCC) antacids and supplements
Samuel Kabagambe, Gilead Sciences

Leena Sathia Abstract O09 - High level of pre-existing NRTI resistance prior to switching to B/F/TAF (Study 4030)
Leena Sathia, Gilead Sciences

Chloe Orkin Abstract O10 - Long-active cabotegravir + rilpivirine for HIV maintenance: FLAIR week 48 results
Chloe Orkin, Queen Mary University

John Thornhill Abstract O11 - The impact of vorinostat & therapeutic vaccine on gut HIV DNA – the RIVER gut study
John Thornhill, Imperial College London

Julianne Lwanga Abstract O12 - The effect of time to viral suppression at primary HIV infection on long term immunological recovery: results from the HEATHER cohort
Julianne Lwanga, Guy’s & St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Jessica Doctor Abstract O13 - Discontinuations & virologic response in late presenters with insti -or pi-based art
Jessica Doctor, Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital

Laura Waters Abstract O14 - Sustained HIV-1 remission following CCR5Δ32/Δ32 allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Laura Waters, Mortimer Market Centre

Frank Post Abstract O15 - Safety of tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) in patients with a history of proximal renal tubulopathy on tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF)
Frank Post, King’s College London

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BHIVA Plenary Session 2: Keynote Lecture

Dr Angela Obasi New Challenges for ART programmes
Dr Angela Obasi, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

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BHIVA Invited Lecture 4

Dr Michael Emerson Surrogate markers of cardiovascular risk: a summary and what it all means
Dr Michael Emerson, Imperial College London

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BHIVA Lunchtime Workshop 3

Dr Tom Levett Ageing and HIV: who should co- ordinate care?
Dr Tom Levett, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

BHIVA/UKCAB Lunchtime Workshop 4

Can the drop in new HIV diagnoses in London’s MSM population be extended to the rest of the UK and to wider demographics?

Ms Winnie SserumaMs Winnie Sseruma, Freelance International Development Consultant

Ms Bakita KasadhaMs Bakita Kasadha, CHIVA

Mr Eli FitzgeraldMr Eli Fitzgerald, CHIVA

Ms Samantha Dawson, Body Positive Dorset

Oral Research Presentations: Session 3 (16–24)

Ken Kunisaki Abstract O16 - IV antiretroviral drug regimens and lung function decline in early HIV infection
Ken Kunisaki, Minneapolis VA Health Care System

Peter Kirwan Abstract O17 - Invasive pneumococcal disease in people living with HIV in England, 1999-2017
Peter Kirwan, Public Health England

Katrina Pollock Abstract O18 - Equivalent responses to quadrivalent influenza vaccine are detectable in blood and oral fluid in healthcare workers and men living with HIV on ART
Katrina Pollock, Imperial College London

Peter Kirwan Abstract O19 - HIV co-morbidities and their impact on attendance frequency at HIV clinics in England and Wales: findings from Positive Voices 2017 linked to national cohort data
Peter Kirwan, Public Health England

Davide De Francesco Abstract O20 - Self-reported symptoms of insomnia and objective measures of sleep quality in people living with HIV and comparable controls
Davide De Francesco, University College London

Rageshri Dhairyawan Abstract O21 - Psychological burden and the impact on engagement with care among ethnically diverse older women with HIV
Rageshri Dhairyawan, Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust

Peter Kirwan Abstract O22 - Clinical outcomes and experiences of trans people accessing HIV care in England
Peter Kirwan, Public Health England

Daniel Bradshaw Abstract O23 - Risk factors and patterns of HCV transmission amongst men who have sex with men
Daniel Bradshaw, Public Health England

Lucy Garvey Abstract O24 - Fall in HCV incidence in HIV+ MSM in London following expansion of access to DAA therapy
Lucy Garvey, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

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BHIVA Invited Lecture 5

Dr Claire Fuller Interactive cases: rashes from the tropics
Dr Claire Fuller, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

Friday 5 April 2019

BHIVA Audit Session

Dr Ming Lee Pilot results from late HIV diagnosis review process
Dr Ming Lee, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London

Dr Hilary Curtis Audit & Improvement
Dr Hilary Curtis, BHIVA Audit Coordinator

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Oral Research Presentations: Session 4 (25–30)

Nathan Sparling Abstract O25 - Sexual health education landscape in Scotland
Nathan Sparling, HIV Scotland

George Halfin Abstract O26 - Reducing barriers to HIV self-testing among black African communities – self- testing pilot. A Public Health England HIV Innovation Project, December 2017- November 2018
George Halfin, Terrence Higgins Trust

Renee West Abstract O27 - Attitudes and factors to PrEP uptake among HIV risk groups across London
Renee West, GMI Partnership

Nicola Steedman Abstract O28 - Happy birthday Scottish PrEP! Uptake and STI epidemiology from the first year of the NHS HIV PrEP programme in Scotland
Nicola Steedman, NHS National Services Scotland

Naomi Adams Abstract O29 - U=U: patient and staff awareness, understanding and impact
Naomi Adams, Mortimer Market Centre

Anna Maria Geretti Abstract O30 - Molecular characterisation of HIV acquisition events in the PARTNER study
Anna Maria Geretti, University of Liverpool

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Oral Research Poster Presentations

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BHIVA Lunchtime Workshop 5: Complex PrEP cases - case presentations

Dr Emily ChungDo your PrEP
Dr Emily Chung, Mortimer Market Centre

Dr Jasmini AlagaratnamFalse positive HIV result
Dr Jasmini Alagaratnam, Imperial College London

Dr Lakshmi JainPrEP toxicity case
Dr Lakshmi Jain, Mortimer Market Centre

BHIVA Lunchtime Workshop 6

Implementation science: what is it and who can do it?

Dr Tristan BarberDr Tristan Barber, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

No photoDr Nadine Seward, King’s College London

Prof Jane AndersonProf Jane Anderson, Homerton University Hospital, London

BHIVA Prizes and Awards Ceremony

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BHIVA Invited Lecture 6

Dr Sarah Pett Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS)
Dr Sarah Pett, MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL

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BHIVA Plenary Session 3

Dr Catriona Waitt Pregnancy and breastfeeding
Dr Catriona Waitt, University of Liverpool

Mr Simon Collins Is rapid ART right for all?
Mr Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

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Prof Chloe Orkin Close by Chair of BHIVA
Prof Chloe Orkin, Barts Health NHS Trust, London

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