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Thursday 5th December 2013

Dear Friend and Colleague,

You certainly have had the experience of trying to find the PowerPoint slides of an important HIV therapy trial that you needed for a presentation or to remind yourself of the final results but had hard time finding it on your computer or on the internet.

This is why we created the independent website The site not only has all the major ARV trials from the last 7 years -naïve and switch studies - but they are also in English, French and in Spanish. The content is an exact and complete presentation of each trial’s publication and is a unique resource not only for every HIV physician but also for the guidelines committees when they are accessing clinical trials

We have recently updated the "switch studies" section and will update the ARV-1st line section as soon as we get funding support.

So please visit and download the slides you need and of course let us know your feedback and comments. Feel free to send this message to all your colleagues in your country.

With best wishes
Anton Pozniak, François Raffi and Pedro Cahn