19th Annual Conference - Poster Presentations: Pathogenesis, Transmission and Prevention (P197 - P203)

P197 Characterisation of mucosally transmitted HIV-1 founder viruses
P Mlcochova, S Watters and R Gupta
University College London, London, UK

P198 HIV partner notification – are we doing enough?
J Thomas, L Pilkington, J Evans-Jones and C O'Mahony
Countess of Chester Hospital, Chester, UK

P199 The effectiveness of a single intervention short film on adolescent perception of people living with HIV – a pilot study
A Barnes
Body & Soul, London, UK

P200 Post-exposure prophylaxis following sexual exposure to HIV: Experience at a large GU centre and a retrospective audit against current BASHH guidance
S Mapara, L Macpherson, R Sacks, L Garvey and O Dosekun
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK

P201 Investigating high mother-to-child HIV transmission despite antiretroviral availability
N Astill, M Arihaihi, E Ninsimwe and P Williams
Bwindi Community Hospital, Buhoma, Kanyantorogo, Uganda

P202 Partner notification – An opportunity for earlier HIV diagnosis and prevention
L Goodall
SSOTP, Stoke on Trent, UK

P203 Post exposure HIV prophylaxis following sexual exposure: A retrospective audit in a UK HIV unit
D Friday, M Yong, C Bates and C Whitehead
Royal Liverpool University Teaching Hospital, Liverpool, UK