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Early adopters of PrEP in Kenya and Uganda more likely to be male and older
Roger Pebody, 2018-06-20 08:40

It is feasible to offer PrEP as part of community-wide HIV testing campaigns in East Africa, with a fifth of adults who were identified as eligible for PrEP starting it within 30 days, researchers from the SEARCH collaboration report in Clinical Infectious Diseases. Early adopters were more likely to be male, older, in a serodiscordant relationship or in a polygamous marriage.

The authors suggest that understanding the characteristics of early adopters is important – they may be opinion leaders and PrEP champions who could promote further uptake in their communities.

At the same time, identifying people less likely to start PrEP is critical to developing programmes to support them. The researchers found that fewer than a third of community members identified as being at higher risk of acquiring HIV made the same assessment of their risk. Just one-in-ten of this group took up the offer of PrEP within 30 days.