19th Annual Conference - Poster Presentations: Management Issues in HIV (P164 - P176)

P164 What are the barriers to antiretroviral adherence in people from UK Black African and Black Caribbean communities? A qualitative study
E Poliquin1, J Anderson2, J Spiers1, JA Smith3 and R Horne1
1UCL School of Pharmacy, London, UK, 2Homerton University Hospital, London, UK and 3Birkbeck, London, UK

P165 Should we stop testing CD4 counts in HIV-infected individuals with viral suppression and CD4 ≥ 350?
GG Whitlock, N Ahmed, S Edwards and L Waters
Mortimer Market Centre, London, UK

P166 Dental health-seeking behaviour and HIV disclosure status of HIV-positive patients attending an HIV outpatient clinic
CW Saing, M Browning and R Drayton
Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Cardiff, UK

P167 Safety and efficacy of vitamin D supplementation
J Shenoy, J Beale and S Andrews
Farnham Road Clinic, Guildford, UK

P168 Renal transplantation in HIV-positive patients in Greater Manchester
J Leighton1, L Johnson2, V Lee1, E Wilkins2 and A Vas1
1Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK and 2Pennine Acute Hospital NHS Trust, Manchester, UK

P169 High rates of vitamin D deficiency in a London adolescent HIV clinic
K Prime1 and ER Pelham2
1St George's Hospital, London, UK and 2St George's University of London, London, UK

P170 Managing the HIV transmission risks in HIV-positive people not on ART
K Van Gordon, S Mitchell and S Kegg
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, UK

P171 Hospital admissions in HIV-infected patients
H Tuite, KA Lee and C Bergin
St James's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

P172 The use of azathioprine in HIV-infected individuals
FE Chamberlain1, L Chacko1, GKJ Singh2, M Bower2 and M Nelson2
1Imperial College School of Medicine, London, UK and 2Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, UK

P173 Low levels of the sunshine vitamin found in HIV-infected patients living in an English seaside town
C Saxon, W Wasef and J Sweeney
Blackpool Sexual Health Services, Blackpool, UK

P174 Health-related quality of life of HIV-infected drug users: the role of anxiety and depression
S Surah1, L Townsend1, I Reynolds1, J Kinahan2, S Keating1, R Adams3, M Barry3, E Kennan2, F Mulcahy1 and F Lyons1
1GUIDE Clinic, St James’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, 2The National Drug Treatment Centre Board, Dublin, Ireland and 3The National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics, Dublin, Ireland

P175 Genotypic tropism testing utilisation in a UK centre
D Friday, H Muhammad-Fadzillah, A Chawla, AM Geretti and L Goodwin
Royal Liverpool University Teaching Hospital, Liverpool, UK

P176 Primaquine-induced methaemoglobinaemia in an HIVpositive patient on treatment for Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia (PCP)
F Nyatsanza and K Manavi
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK