19th Annual Conference of BHIVA - Awards and Scholarships

19th Annual Conference of the British HIV Association - the following awards were presented:

The Margaret Johnson Best Oral Research Presentation

Oral O16: Loss to follow-up after pregnancy among women living with HIV in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: the role of African ethnicity
Dr Shema Tariq, City University, London
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The Ian Williams Best Poster Presentation

Poster P178: The emergence of new viral strains following treatment failure in an HIV-Positive cohort infected with acute HCV
Dr Tamer Abdelrahman, University of Glasgow
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Best SpR Case Presentations

Clinico-pathological SpR case presentations: A multi-system syndrome: is it the drug or is it a bug?
Dr John Thornhill, King's College Hospital, London

Commended Oral Presentations

5 highly commended presentations:

No. Title Name Affiliation
O2 Increasing opportunities for HIV diagnosis in primary care: a borough-wide evaluation of HIV testing and pre-diagnosis care in general practice
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Dr Alice Whittle City and Hackney Public Health Department, London
O16 Loss to follow-up after pregnancy among women living with HIV in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: the role of African ethnicity
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Dr Shema Tariq City University, London
O17 Gender differences in outcomes to first-line treatment in the era of modern antiretroviral therapy (ART)
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Dr Peter Saunders Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
O23 Impairment of renal function associated with tenofovir therapy in HIV-infected patients
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Miss Kirsty McKelvey University of Edinburgh
O25 Therapeutic immunisation in conjunction with IL-2, GM-CSF and rhGH improves CD4 T-cell counts and reduces immune activation in cART-treated HIV-1+ patients: a Phase I clinical study
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Dr Anna Herasimtschuk Imperial College London

Commended Poster Presentations

15 Commended Poster Presentations:

No. Title Name Affiliation
P2 Are Health and Wellbeing Boards in higher HIV prevalence areas prioritising HIV prevention? Miss Babs Evans MBARC (HPE)
P16 HIV and psychological support: a psychological needs assessment of adults living with HIV Dr Siew Yan Teo Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust
P45 Anti-retroviral therapy restores HIV-1-induced abnormal expression of immunoregulatory molecules by plasmacytoid DC Dr Anna Herasimtschuk Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London
P51 The spectrum of Non-AIDS defining malignancy: 431 cases Dr Alessia Dalla Pria Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London
P70 Audit of MMR vaccine response in HIV infected children in a region with a recent measles outbreak Dr Anton Tan North Manchester General Hospital
P79 Modelling the neuropathological consequences of HIV vaccines that confer partial protection Dr Debbie Ferguson National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC)
P92 Role of IL18 in HIV lipodystrophy Mr Rana Majid University of Liverpool
P107 HIV testing in clinical indicator diseases in outpatient settings: offer and uptake rates and impact of educational and active interventions Dr Olamide Dosekun Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust
P108 HIV-1 co-receptor tropism prediction that uses clinical alongside clonal data can predict the unmasking of X4-tropic virus in patients treated with the CCR5 antagonist maraviroc Mr Malcolm Macartney Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
P141 Switching to rilpivirine in clinical practice: experience of two London HIV units Miss Lucy Hedley University College London
P144 HLA B*5701 positivity, disease status and response to combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) in the UK Collaborative HIV Cohort (CHIC) Study Dr David Chadwick James Cook University Hospital, Middlesborough
P164 What are the barriers to antiretroviral adherence in people from UK black African and black Caribbean communities?: a qualitative study Miss Elizabeth Poliquin University College London
P165 Should we stop testing CD4 counts in HIV-infected individuals with viral suppression and CD4≥350? Dr Nadia Ahmed Mortimer Market Centre, London
P178 The emergence of new viral strains following treatment failure in an HIV-positive cohort infected with acute HCV Dr Tamer Abdelrahman MRC- Centre for Virus Research, University of Glasgow
P205 Retrospective study of the effect of enhanced systematic STI screening, facilitated by the use of electronic patient records (EPR), in a HIV cohort Dr John McSorley North West London Hospitals NHS Trust

Mediscript Awards in collaboration with BHIVA

P2: Are Health and Wellbeing Boards in higher HIV prevalence areas prioritising HIV prevention?
Miss Babs Evans, MBARC
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O1: 'Is primary care prescribing for people with HIV safe? A review of practice in an inner London setting'
Dr Rosie Wellesley (Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry)
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BHIVA / AbbVie / SSAT (BASS) Exchange Scholarships 2013

  • Dr Elizabeth Gatley, South Africa
  • Dr Charlotte Hall, Castle Hill Hospital, Hull
  • Dr Sally Jewsbury, North Manchester General Hospital
  • Dr Kiplangat Sigei, Kenya

MSD Ltd Travel Bursary Scholarships in collaboration with BHIVA

11 MSD Travel Bursary Scholarship awards for CROI 2013

  • Dr Ade Apoola, Consultant in GUM, Royal Derby Hospital
  • Dr Paul Collini, SpR, Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, University of Sheffield
  • Dr Tomas Doyle, Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Training Fellow, Royal Free Hospital, London
  • Dr Anna Garcia-Diaz, Clinical Scientist, Virology, Royal Free Hospital, London
  • Dr Julia Greig, Consultant Infectious Diseases Physician, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield
  • Dr Ravi Gupta, Honorary Consultant Physician, University College London
  • Dr Rebecca O’Connell, Consultant Infection and Immunity, Royal London Hospital
  • Dr Matthew Phillips, SpR GUM, Manchester Royal Infirmary
  • Dr Karen Rogstad, Consultant Physician Sexual Health and HIV & Undergraduate Dean, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield
  • Miss Kay Seden, Research Pharmacist, University of Liverpool
  • Dr John Thornhill, SpR GUM, Bart’s and The London NHS Trust