19th Annual Conference - Poster Presentations: Age, Gender, and Migration-related Issues (P33 - P37)

P33 Is violence a cause and consequence of HIV for women in England? A user-led mixed-method national stakeholder investigation
S Petretti, A Welbourn, K Seeley, S Bewley and E Bell
Sophia Forum, London, UK

P34 Contraception provision and unplanned pregnancies in HIV-positive women – are we meeting the mark?
S Wielding, B Flynn and C Oroz
Chalmers Centre, Edinburgh, UK

P35 Do all HIV-positive patients want to be offered sexual health screening (SHS) at routine HIV appointments?
A Baugh, R Taylor and I Ahmed
Nottingham City Hospital, Nottingham, UK

P36 Successful management of HIV in the very old
T Whitfield and E Wilkins
North Manchester General Hospital, Manchester, UK

P37 In an ageing HIV positive cohort with mixed gender and sexuality, is bone mineral density impaired?
A Hartley, C Annesley, K Davies, C Orkin and A Williams
The Royal London Hospital, London, UK