19th Annual Conference - Poster Presentations: Access and Service Delivery (P1 - P32)

P1 Applicability of stable patient HIV service provision for young adults
E Thomson1, S Fidler2, MS Ayers3, S McDonald3 and C Foster3
1University of Dundee, Dundee, UK, 2Imperial College London, London, UK and 3Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK

P2 Are Health and Wellbeing Boards in higher HIV-prevalence areas prioritising HIV prevention?
B Evans1, J Moss1 and L Power2
1MBARC (HPE), London, UK and 2Terrence Higgins Trust (HPE), London, UK

P3 Positive perspectives: an inter-university study of UK medical students on their attitudes to and knowledge of HIV
P Jarrett1 and A Sukthankar2
1University of Manchester, Manchester, UK and 2Manchester Centre for Sexual Health, Manchester, UK

P4 Can we justify use of a CD4 point-of-care test in a time of austerity?
E Pizzo1, C Jones1, A Obi2, C Hart2, J Vera2, N Mackie2 and A Bailey2
1Imperial College London, London, UK and 2Jefferiss Wing, Imperial College NHS Trust, London, UK

P5 Are generic antiretroviral drugs truly cost saving?
R Taylor1, E Carlin1, I Ahmed1, A Darley1, L Taylor1, Z Saddique2 and E Adams2
1Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Nottingham, UK and 2Aquarius Population Health, London, UK

P6 The importance attributed to religious belief plays an important role in the attitude of UK nurses towards people with HIV
A Waters1 and E Purssell2
1North Middlesex Hospital NHS Trust, London, UK and 2King's College London, London, UK

P7 Providing HIV services in a GP practice
N Osborn and J Welch
King's College Hospital, London, UK

P8 Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) and clinical outcomes of HIV-infected intravenous drug users post integration of HIV and addiction services
S Surah1, A O'Connor1, K Hunter1, S Delamere1, E Kennan2, M Barry3, F Mulcahy1, C Walsh4 and F Lyons1
1GUIDE Clinic, St James's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, 2The National Drug Treatment Centre Board, Dublin, Ireland and 3The NCPE, St James's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland and 4Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

P9 Audit of HIV care in English prisons: 2011
SY Chan1, R Lau1, K Marsh2, E Mabonga3, C Taylor3, K Mclean4, J Pritchard5, P Brennan-Benson5, S Cumming5, A Tang6, J Sherrard7, M Jones8, M Bracken9, H Wankowska10, MY Tung11, E Dwyer12, M Natha13, E O'Moore14, I Karunaratne15, V Delpech2, M Pakianathan1 and G Hughes2
1St George's Hospital, London, UK, 2Health Protection Agency, Colindale, UK, 3King's College Hospital, London, UK, 4Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, UK, 5St Peter's Hospital, Chertsey, UK, 6Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, UK, 7Churchill Hospital, Oxford, UK, 8East Sussex Sexual Health, East Sussex, UK, 9Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Trust, Doncaster, UK, 10Ipswich Hospital, Ipswich, UK, 11Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Kent, UK, 12Croydon Healthcare NHS Trust, Croydon, UK, 1356 Dean Street, London, UK, 14Offender Health, Department of Health, UK and 15Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Gloucester, UK

P10 Anal cancer screening in the United Kingdom: a national survey of perceptions and practices among sexual health clinics
J Vera1, K Demarcke1, L Greene1 and M Nathan2
1Imperial College London NHS Healthcare, St Mary's Hospital, London, UK and 2Homerton University Hospital, London, UK

P11 As HIV moves towards a chronic disease, how involved are patients in their own care?
N Perry1, J Bennett2, M Jones3, R Janes1 and J Roberts1
1Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Brighton, UK, 2Freelance Nurse Consultant, London, UK and 3East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, Eastbourne, UK

P12 Treatment for stable HIV patients in England: can we increase productivity and improve patient care?
E Adams1, D Ogden2, A Ehrlich1 and P Hay2
1Aquarius Population Health, London, UK and 2St George's Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK

P13 The impact of faith-based 'healing' and 'cure' claims on Africans living with HIV in the UK
J Stevenson, D Browne, I Otoro and A Duffy
African Health Policy Network, London, UK

P14 Audit on the application of guidance regarding the con´Čüdentiality of HIV-positive patient information by general practices in Wales
C Maciver1, S Vincent1, A Jones1 and B Healy2
1Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK and 2Infectious Disease Department, UHW, Cardiff, UK

P15 Pharmacist interventions on home delivery prescriptions in three London HIV outpatient clinics
N Marshall1, S Harvey1, N Naous2, K Khonyongwa3, C Okoli3, O Odejide1, L Swaden1, R Weston2, CF Lam2, N Mackie2, J Ainsworth3 and M Johnson1
1Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK, 2St Mary's Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK and 3North Middlesex University Hospital, London, UK

P16 HIV and psychological support: a psychological needs assessment of adults living with HIV
A Ray1, C Anderton1, SY Teo2, A Evans2 and G Latchford3
1School of Medicine, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, 2Centre for Sexual Health, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, Leeds, UK and 3Leeds Institute for Health Sciences, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

P17 A review of antiretroviral treatment initiation in a London cohort
N Naous, S Fidler, R Weston and N Mackie
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK

P18 Effect of antiretroviral treatment non-engagement due to beliefs inconsistent with conventional medical knowledge
L Johnson, M Croston and S Douthwaite
North Manchester General Hospital, Manchester, UK

P19 Re-engaging and identifying reasons for HIV patients lost to follow-up
N Ahmed, S Miller, S Mguni, L Di Rubbo, A Schwenk and C Wood
North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, London, UK

P20 An evaluation of costs of a home therapy delivery system in a semi-rural HIV service
S Bhaduri1, M Roberts2, N Williams2 and S Green2
1Worcestershire Sexual Health Service, Redditch, Worcestershire and 2Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust, Worcester, Worcestershire

P21 Analysing patient attitudes towards medical student participation in HIV consultations
T Kothari1, E Chung2 and L Waters2
1UCL Medical School, London, UK and 2Mortimer Market Centre, London, UK

P22 A voluntary performance evaluation of a regional paediatric HIV centre using quality dashboard markers
A Tan1, S Patni2, F Urooj2, K Rowson1 and P McMaster1
1Regional Paediatric HIV Centre, North Manchester General Hospital, Manchester, UK and 2North Manchester General Hospital, Manchester, UK

P23 Audit of patients who do not disclose their HIV status to their general practitioner in UHW, Wales
B Healy and C Bennett
UHW, Heath Park, Cardiff, UK

P24 T'HIV'K goes North: outcomes and experience of UK HIV Testing week in a northern UK city
M Portman1, S Aung2, O Brigstock-Barron2, T Hunt3, T Doyle3, A Smith4, J Hirst4 and A Evans1
1Centre for Sexual Health, Leeds, UK, 2Primary Care Trust, Leeds, UK, 3MESMAC, Leeds, UK and 4BHA Skyline, Leeds, UK

P25 A review of occupational therapy and physiotherapy rehabilitation services provided on an acute HIV in-patient ward
E McDonnell, D Brown, A Claffey and M Nelson
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, UK

P26 Clinical outcomes from a pilot combined HIV-rheumatology specialist clinic
S Chinthapalli, A Brand, R Jones and F Boag
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, UK

P27 Strategies to improve the cost-effectiveness of ARV prescribing in Leeds Centre for Sexual Health
SY Teo, I Okpaluba, E Wrench and E Monteiro
Leeds Centre for Sexual Health, Leeds, UK

P28 Retaining people living with HIV (PWH) in high-quality specialist care by means of a hub-and-spoke outreach clinic
NB Connolly1, J Mellor1, H Fothergill1, G Schembri2, C Babu2 and O McQuillan2
1Trafford Centre for Sexual Health, Trafford General Hospital, Davyhulme, Manchester, UK and 2Manchester Centre for Sexual Health, Manchester, UK

P29 Ensuring implementation of BHIVA guidelines and pathways in HIV case management: an integrated care solution
E Ong1, M Brady2, N Larbalestier3, S Sonecha4, J Bruton4, R Weston5, N Perry6, J Peck7, F Clark8, S Pannett9, T Vincent9, A Murungi9, G Forte-Meyer10, T Warren11 and S Gwynn11
1Royal Victoria Hospital, Newcastle, UK, 2King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK, 3Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK, 4Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK, 5Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK, 6Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, UK, 7London Specialist Commissioning Group, London, UK, 8Cardiff & Vale NHS Trust, Cardiff, UK, 9Janssen UK, High Wycombe, UK, 10West Midlands Strategic Commissioning Group, Birmingham, UK and 11Triducive, London, UK

P30 Doctors' attitudes towards intimate examinations: a qualitative study
P Hine and H Smith
Brighton and Sussex Medical School, East Sussex, UK

P31 Description of new referral data gathered by phone from a third sector support service for adults living with and affected by HIV, 2012
K Forbes and A Barnes
Body & Soul, London, UK

P32 Calabash at George House Trust: innovating to support HIV-positive African men in the North West
C Armstead
George House Trust, Manchester, UK